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    Travel Features

    Wayag Islands, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Indonesian island hopping: 11 of the best islands

    Indonesia's accessible island chains allow travellers in search of blissful beach scenes and tropical adventure to island-hop to their heart's content

    A Christmas market

    Top 10 Christmas markets in Europe

    Head to one of these markets in the run-up to Christmas and experience all the delights the season has to offer

    Three young people cycling down the street

    Bike-friendly cities around the world

    Cycling is kind to your health, your wallet and the environment; it is also an excellent way to take in the city

    The map of Europe

    Applying for ETIAS

    From November 2023, non-EU visitors to Europe's Schengen member countries will need to apply for ETIAS or a Schengen visa

    Red passport on Europe flag background with Schengen Visa in the circle of stars

    A guide to Schengen visas

    A guide to Schengen visas, the costs, the application process and a full list of countries whose nationals must apply or are exempted

    A tourist taking selfie

    16 lesser-known but Instagram-worthy European cities

    Forget big cities like Amsterdam and London, we find 16 smaller but stunning cities in Europe that can light up your Instagram and rack up likes